It is a scientific development compound of several vegetable extract hat are present in the plants, (carbon, nitrogen among others), which reacts as a bioremediator and water-soluble fertilizer, dividing the hydrocarbon and fat molecules, being an effective natural agent, highly concentrated. It does not have contraindications, it is not corrosive, flammable or harms the health.  


It is a conditioner that concentrates the vegetable organic carbon releasing the oxygen in the Earth, making that any unicellular and multicellular microorganism evil for the plants  will not thrive in the soil giving big benefits to the plants.

Develops systematic defenses in the plants at the moment of the seedtime. Potentizing the natural nutrients presents in the soil.


Our services

1. Chemical formulation of natural products: We are experts in the formulation of ecologic, biodegradable and chemical products for any use.

2. Soil Analysis:  We ensure the protocols determined by the competent authorities, to determine the characterization of soils and recommend the best solution for your product.

3. TPH analysis: We ensure the studies of the total hydrocarbons in soil, in addition  the advice of the organic minerals treatment to  cure.

4. Fertilization crews: Our service ensures the compliance of fertilization and fumigation protocols of any crop using the best technology in the market.

5. Remediation crews: Our staff is highly qualified and trained in all the risk associated with the remediation and recovery of soils and water sources contaminated by hydrocarbons. 


FESUELO it is a mineral organic, liquid, foliar fertilizer, full of nutrients (carbon, potassium, phosphor and some more) in reasonable  charges.

FESUELO, makes the plants growth faster, reinforces the systematic performance in the plants, improving the production, ensures the quality of the farming products.