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Tatiana Solano Caballero

 Grupo Empresarial Solanco - Founder / CEO - Creator of Godoil

​For a long time, I witnessed attacks, human errors and irreparable damage to the ecosystem caused by oil. There were nights when I thinking about what to do to be a remedial agent.

One day I said: I cannot witness more damage and do nothing. I arrived at my house to tell my sister Natalia that it was time to make our projects real.

Try many formulas until I got the product I wanted in 2016, but I needed to validate it. I knocked on many doors and in August of that same year José María Jaramillo, Ph.D. in petrophysics and geology called me: "Tatiana They got the validation". From that moment, I started to configure the business vision and the business model.

This is how Godoil was born, a product made up of plant and mineral extracts that helps to recover water sources and soils contaminated with hydrocarbons or any petroleum derivative in one to two years.

Professional in HSEQ with 12 years of experience in the hydrocarbon sector, in civil works, drilling, production and transport processes. Specialist in product design, generating research and development in nanotechnology.



SOLANCO business group is an organization with the responsability of innovation in the formulation, production, marketing and distribution of  BIO, ECO or chemical products which, meets the needs of the agro-industrial and hydrocarbon sector,  setting aside sustainable development and improvement of the environment, with social equity.  Generating value to the national and international production chains. 

Our people make the difference


In the year 2020, SOLANCO business group, it will be the best organization producing ECO, BIO and chemical substances.  Positioning them in the markets with greater demand at the international and national level.

SOLANCO business group, will be the pioneer in the research, development and innovation of ECO, BIO and chemical products. 

Success stories

The fertilizer can be used in any kind of crop