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We are creating an Eco-sustainable revolution, were generating positive changes in the environment is more than an objective to improve the conditions of our planet, but a reality for everyone

we make the countyside a profitable and productive option in the world, speeding up  the performance of their harvest

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We are generating a world free of pollution, treating polluted water sources and soils efficiently. 


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To have the fortune to talk about our product, to contribute to society, to help generate changes, to grow as businesswomen make us feel proud Colombia does not open the doors to the world, now we want that the world knows us in order to continue contributing to society.


Tatiana  y Natalia Solano Caballero - CEO

A Mineral organic remedy that helps in gradually solving various environmental problems caused by crude oil or some of its derivatives. 

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A Fertilizer and natural pesticide with no contraindications. It accelerates the growth of crops. Improves production and ensures the quality of agricultural products.


In the year 2040, SOLANCO business group, it will be the best organization producing ECO, BIO and chemical substances.  Positioning them in the markets with greater demand at the international and national level.

SOLANCO business group, will be the pioneer in the research, development and innovation of ECO, BIO and chemical products. 


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SOLANCO business group is an organization with the responsability of innovation in the formulation, production, marketing and distribution of  BIO, ECO or chemical products which, meets the needs of the agro-industrial and hydrocarbon sector,  setting aside sustainable development and improvement of the environment, with social equity.  Generating value to the national and international production chains.